Military Family “Special Jobs”

"I typically don't write about my family's military lifestyle, simply because it's hard for me to find a difference between our lifestyle and the civilian lifestyle. My perspective on life is shaded by the military, but I don't know what civilian life is really like, so I don't know how the life our family leads is too different from other families' lifestyles." Yet, a recent conversation made me realize we do have some differences in our lifestyles.

Calling “Cadence”

This past week has been one of the busiest in months - my husband and I are new homeowners, and are trying to move from the old house to our new home!  Combine the move with a loss of my phone's "hard drive," and I all but disappeared from the face of the earth. But, … Continue reading Calling “Cadence”

Together … In a Home

If all goes well, at the time this post is being published, I will have movers bringing my household goods into our new house.  Our family lucked into an empty house on the Army installation where my husband has been assigned, so our stay in the hotel was only a week and a half. The time … Continue reading Together … In a Home

Adventures in Moving

Our movers come tomorrow.  The past week, I have been up to my eyeballs, preparing for the movers as best I am able.  Part of the difficulty with this process is something I know military families know all too well - the uncertainty of where we are going to live on the back end! I … Continue reading Adventures in Moving

She Could Be Any Of Us

The military community has been sent reeling the past couple days, following the news of a mother killing her two young children, the family dog, and herself, while her airman husband was out of the country. I know the neighborhood this lady lived in.  While close to one of the largest Army installations, it's not a … Continue reading She Could Be Any Of Us