Reassurance to Prepare for a Move

I have been looking forward to the next adventure for my family for quite some time.  I have purposefully withheld certain parenting milestones (i.e. teaching my preschooler to potty train), knowing there is a significant and statistical likelihood he will regress in those accomplishments when we move. I have even written about M's excitement about the … Continue reading Reassurance to Prepare for a Move

Coloring the World a Little Purple

I have not always known about Military Child Appreciation Month, let alone the, "wear purple to show support," day of 15 April.  Quite frankly, every day in our family is Military Child Appreciation Day, since this is the lifestyle we lead, but I wanted us to dress the part today. This morning, I realized M … Continue reading Coloring the World a Little Purple

Inspired By Children

My mom recently surprised both her family, and mine, with a visit to our home.  She asked us on Sunday if we would be up for having her come that Wednesday.  Since she has an open invitation, we were thrilled to have her visit and spend time with her grandchildren! Before my mom arrived, one of … Continue reading Inspired By Children

Looking Ahead to Another Move

Our family is getting ready to move... again!  Those that know me understand how absolutely thrilled and excited I am to be leaving our current location, and head out on a completely new adventure.  Some military families are able to stay in one location for long periods of time.  I should clarify - by "long," … Continue reading Looking Ahead to Another Move

Month of the Military Child

We all have different ideas that consist of the qualities we use to identify a "hero," in our lives.  For many in society, their heroes are sports figures, politicians, religious figures, or other people that wind up in the news and are locally, nationally, or internationally recognizable. I am always on the lookout for, "unsung," … Continue reading Month of the Military Child