An Open Post to American Society

"I need to get something off my chest. This past week, I have been grieving for families I have never met." Please take a moment out of your day to read this military spouse's view of what is happening in this country this week, and please spread the word - it's a message I strongly feel needs to be shared.

The Gratitude Project: Week Eight

My husband is not deployed, but today's Gratitude Project goes into depth into some of the feelings that accompany deployment... and, requests readers to remember those who *are* deployed. It also brings up something for which I am deeply grateful this week.

A Stroll Down Memory Lane in My Sunday Best

Today, I am homesick for the islands. I am missing the beauty, the majesty, the splendor, and the Aloha. So, I re-share several pictures during My Sunday Best post today!

Military Life as We Know It

A government shutdown may not impact your family, but for my family, and millions of others like mine, the impact can be felt immediately. Please read this lengthy post - and, please remember on election days that Congress' actions have real-life impact almost immediately.

Reflecting on the Grace of God … In My Sunday Best

"It is by the grace of God I am able to take my fears and uncertainty for the future and turn to Jesus' divine image, and utter the words at the bottom of the picture - 'Jesus, I trust in You.'" How world events have led to a shift in perspective during this week's My Sunday Best.