Is the Lack of Quiet Really Bad?

As I look back on just how *loud* this month was, I am reminded that the kiddos are only little once, and I need to relish this time of littleness, and remind them both I love them ... even if there is no quiet time in our home.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

"Baby girl, keep on singing. Keep on dancing. Keep that light of love, happiness, and joy radiating from you. Keep your innocence, your carefree nature, and your inquisitiveness. Keep the wonder and awe you express in everything you do, and keep the sensitive nature toward yourself and others." Our Baby Girl turns one this month - time flies while she takes this world by storm!

Watch Out, World!

Have you ever had one of those realizations that you are in big trouble?  Like, big trouble? I was once asked to describe my son in one word.  I gave the description of "strong-willed."  When most people say "strong-willed," they mean it negatively, but I am not most people. I, am so proud of my children's strong-willed … Continue reading Watch Out, World!

My Lesson in Gratitude (Day 18)

The past few days have been a little hectic, between keeping tabs on the baby and her fever, and the oldest and his shenanigans! My word for today is: Hospitals. As a mother, I have a love-hate relationship with hospitals.  I absolutely hate having to take my children to the hospital, and each time I … Continue reading My Lesson in Gratitude (Day 18)

Engaging All the Senses for a Lasting Effect (Day 17)

Growing up, we are shaped and molded by our interaction with family, friends, and peers.  We become the adults we do because of our experiences, beginning from infancy.  Perhaps the most subconscious retention of experiences can be found through our senses - I have read somewhere the sense of smell contains the most powerful memory, … Continue reading Engaging All the Senses for a Lasting Effect (Day 17)