Small Word, Short Post (Day 8)

I am tired.  More accurately, I am exhausted.  Every fiber of my being wants to curl up under the covers and slumber peacefully, in the hopes that my muscle strength and energy return upon awaking. The word for today is: Sleep. For years, when asked what my favorite hobby was, I would respond with one … Continue reading Small Word, Short Post (Day 8)

Earning My Title (Day 7)

Today is the Feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary.  As I was writing the article earlier today, I kept recalling a meme that occasionally makes its rounds on Facebook. In honor of today's feast day, today's word is: Mom. "Mom, mom, mom, mommy, mama, mommeee!"  That is a fantastic summarization of a word many … Continue reading Earning My Title (Day 7)

Hard Work, Dedication, Stealth, and More… (Day 5)

The past two weeks, Little Miss' bedtime routine has been exactly the same.  We start putting her to bed between a certain time, and then after she is fully asleep, she is gently placed in her crib.  She wakes up at least once, as she is lowered into her crib, forcing me to pick her … Continue reading Hard Work, Dedication, Stealth, and More… (Day 5)

Reflection in the Mirrors (Day 3)

When I told my husband the idea for the writing challenge, he asked me, "How are you going to come up with a topic a day?  Will you just look at yourself as you get ready in the morning, see yourself in the mirror, and say, 'I think I'll write about a mirror today'?" Little … Continue reading Reflection in the Mirrors (Day 3)

31 Day Challenge Begins

I disappeared from blogging for most of the month of September, as our family became first-time homebuyers, then had to move off the military installation, and not having internet immediately available. Toward the end of my hiatus, I saw reference to a blogging challenge called Write 31 Days A writing challenge: every October, every day … Continue reading 31 Day Challenge Begins