Baking for a Good Cause!

I was informed of a baking contest at my husband's work. His explanation of the contest included the words, "I give you free reign to bake as much as you want." Music to my ears - and, all for a good cause!

Favorite Ways of Simplifying My Life (Day 25)

The other day I wrote about my dislike of doing laundry.  Today, as I finished our weekly laundry, I began thinking of some of the ways my life is a little easier around the house. My word for today is: Hacks. I am learning a bunch of hacks to parenting that I didn't know, or … Continue reading Favorite Ways of Simplifying My Life (Day 25)

Baking & Parenting Lessons Learned

I have identified one calming mechanism I typically utilize - I love to bake.  I find myself calming from life stressors during the process and even as I am cleaning up the mess I have made.  My kitchen actually usually never looks cleaner than when I am finishing up baking. Recently, I was getting to the … Continue reading Baking & Parenting Lessons Learned