JEI (5): Looking Ahead to this New Year

This JEI addresses the 2017 year - what will make me feel successful; my word for the year, along with saint names for the year; what I am looking forward to in 2017.

Reframing My Thoughts

My husband began tackling un-boxing books this past weekend, which is no small task given the quantity of books two bibliophiles compile.  He set aside a couple boxes of my books, which I worked on last night. Prior to last night, I had unpacked quite a few religion-related books, and donated some novels and work-related books … Continue reading Reframing My Thoughts

A Little Balance Goes a Long Way (Day 12)

Yesterday, my post was all about healthy eating in our household.  It was a post meant to inspire some people with visions of pretty dishes, and also meant to inform my readers of my commitment to nutrition for my family.  However, it may have led some people astray, because I love my good, unhealthy eats, too! … Continue reading A Little Balance Goes a Long Way (Day 12)

Finding A Balance

I have often agreed with the critique that American families are overworked and over scheduled.  The cultural expectation of being, "on the go," at all times is one that saddens me, because it allows for very little time to stop and smell the roses, both literally and figuratively. As such, my husband and I decided … Continue reading Finding A Balance