I Am Also a Feminist

"If my beliefs stand at odds with current societal values, then that is a struggle I will accept. All I ask is for those who may disagree with me to be respectful in their dialogue, their view of who I am as a woman, and refrain from condemning me as someone unintelligent and anti-feminist. Those accusations are hurtful, when I am supporting the rights of those I view as humans, regardless of legal definitions. I believe in the concept of the preservation of life, and despite disagreeing with those who insist my views are not indicative of feminism, I will love them." An explanation on how I consider myself to be both a feminist and a person supporting pro-life causes.

Gentle, God-Driven Reminders

One of the beautiful components of Catholicism is the ability to receive Jesus' Flesh and Blood every day.  Without going into detail, I was recently struggling with feeling disappointed in a situation, and on my way to daily Mass, realized the root of the disappointment was my pride. Imagine my surprise, when God spoke to … Continue reading Gentle, God-Driven Reminders