The Gratitude Project: Week 27

"This week, I am grateful for the two companies I have personally previously found reputable reaching out to me - and, voluntarily offering my readers an opportunity to benefit from the words I put on my screen." Two Community Outreach Specialists reached out to me, at different times, based on blog posts I have previously written. This is NOT a sponsored post, nor am I compensated at all from this post. But, it allows me to offer something for the gratitude I feel for my readers. A free holiday gift to my readers, if you will. For what were you grateful for this past week?

#WorthRevisit: The Gratitude Project in My Saturday/Sunday Best

"Therefore, while I am not writing a gratitude post for this week, I am renewing my challenge to those reading these words - beginning next week, as we prepare for the new Liturgical Year, join me every. week in finding gratitude for the little moments in your life." Today, I'm adding my voice to the #WorthRevisit link-up hosted by Allison at Reconciled to You and Elizabeth at theologyisaverb. Will you join me in adding a "New Liturgical Year resolution" this year?

The Gratitude Project: Week Nineteen

I typically don’t write about my CFS. But, there are definitely times in my life where I realize some things, when life is going well, that are taken for granted. Today’s Gratitude Project addresses one such instance. What are you grateful for this week?

The Gratitude Project: Weeks Fifteen & Sixteen

"It was a rough week. I yelled at kids. I cried to myself. I was miserable. I was a walking 34 year old temper tantrum." Yet, a horrible, terrible, no-good, very bad week last week made me vividly aware of what I was most grateful for last week, and segued into identifying what I am most grateful for this week! Read on for more...

The Gratitude Project: Week Six

"The challenge we face in finding gratitude is taking the moment to get into a habit of recognizing our little moments." While I've struggled with inspiration to read or write this week, I've still been keeping track of little moments of gratitude, and share my thought on this week's Gratitude Project. What are you grateful for this week?