Honoring the Holy Innocents

"Today, I encourage all of us to hug our little ones a little tighter (no matter how big they have gotten), a little longer, and with a little more reflection on how fleeting life can be for us all." A post to honor the Holy Innocents...

RescueBots, TMNT, & A Modern-Day Nativity Story

My son displays an active imagination as he updates the Manger Story for today's year of 2016! At his disposal are his RescueBots, his TMNT, and the Manger crowd...

Eel-Wrangling & Squirmy-Worm Holding in My Sunday Best!

In this season of my life, my mere presence at church, with my littles, is attendance enough. Until I can fully participate in the Mass, I will continue to fight the good fight - in My Sunday Best...

Shenanigans during Mass & My Sunday Best

Every time we sit, kneel, and stand in a Catholic Mass, there is a reason.  I have spent the past few years educating myself on the reasoning behind we do what we do at certain times, and credit a lot of that education with my ultimate decision to begin veiling last year - especially during the Consecration, … Continue reading Shenanigans during Mass & My Sunday Best

No Prayer is Wasted

"No prayer is wasted." That teaching kept coming back to me as I drafted this post on today's Feast of All Souls.  Yesterday, the Catholic Church celebrated the Feast of All Saints, and hot on its heels is today's celebration - celebrating those whose souls are in Purgatory. One of the biblical justifications of Purgatory can … Continue reading No Prayer is Wasted