The Gratitude Project: Week 24

"No matter how messy this world becomes, no matter how bleak our situations look, and no matter how busy we find ourselves, there is still One who loves us with unimaginable Love and Mercy! Which is the ultimate beauty of this world." Read more to see how the two Feast Days for the Catholic Church this past week inspired my Gratitude Post for this week. What are you grateful for this week?

Intentional, Liturgical Blogging?

"So, now, I have to sit down and align my blogging calendar with yet another calendar, to ensure I don't miss out on any fun Catholic Church celebration days. And, in the future, I now know to not take the week off from blogging after Christmas. Because, there are just way too many cool days of celebration during that week!" A little bit of extra work is needed to ensure I stick with my "Catholic mommy blogger" roots.

A Birthday Post to A Special Young Lady

Years back, when I was 16, going on 17, I spent a summer as "nanny" for my older sister, who was finishing up working in an office-setting after having my niece.  I spent 3 months with my older sister and brother-in-law, and got to develop an awesome bond with my niece.  Today, my niece shares some … Continue reading A Birthday Post to A Special Young Lady

Independence Day Thoughts

After yesterday's Mass debacle, I was reticent to attempt Mass again so soon.  However, M agreed this morning he would like to try to see if he could do better today, so off we trotted to Mass again.  To my relief, he did significantly better today; we have some rough patches to work out, but I … Continue reading Independence Day Thoughts