My Least Favorite Chore As A Mother (Day 23)

There are a few jobs I absolutely disdain doing around the house.  All too often, I put them off to the last minute, and then I kick myself when my husband steps in to help get the job done. The word for my day: Laundry. As a mother, the stuff is never. ending!  The pile gets … Continue reading My Least Favorite Chore As A Mother (Day 23)

Dishes Are My Nemesis

I abhor doing dishes.  My hatred of that chore borders on pathological.  And, while I dislike laundry, I will say the disdain I have for dishes outweighs the emotions I have about laundry. In our early marriage, my hatred of dishes might have caused a little bit of friction.  But, we made an arrangement that, … Continue reading Dishes Are My Nemesis