Promises Made in Faith (Day 20)

In addition to my prayer life being important to my faith, so, too is the practice of my religion.  As a mother, I have been blessed to be trusted to raise and rear my children - God has given me an awesome and simultaneously daunting task of rearing children who will hopefully grow to love Him and trust … Continue reading Promises Made in Faith (Day 20)

Letting Others Act as Christ

Military families pride themselves in being resilient, strong, and independent.  They rely mainly on their nuclear family - for friendship, for camaraderie, and for support.  More often than not, it seems they have difficulty reaching out to others and admitting they are struggling or having difficulty.  There is a perception that, if the family is struggling … Continue reading Letting Others Act as Christ

Jesus’ Passion

I was sitting at Mass this past weekend, on Passion Saturday/vigil for Palm Sunday, and since both children were soundly asleep, I was able to actually listen to the chaplain's homily - for, perhaps the first time in a long time.  The chaplain spoke about how we are all fans and fanatics about something in … Continue reading Jesus’ Passion