Self-Care & My Sunday Best

"And, let me tell you - the weight I have experienced the past few months, both literally and figuratively, seemed to melt away." How a simple hair cut can lift one's mood, and My Sunday Best post.

Eel-Wrangling & Squirmy-Worm Holding in My Sunday Best!

In this season of my life, my mere presence at church, with my littles, is attendance enough. Until I can fully participate in the Mass, I will continue to fight the good fight - in My Sunday Best...

Shenanigans during Mass & My Sunday Best

Every time we sit, kneel, and stand in a Catholic Mass, there is a reason.  I have spent the past few years educating myself on the reasoning behind we do what we do at certain times, and credit a lot of that education with my ultimate decision to begin veiling last year - especially during the Consecration, … Continue reading Shenanigans during Mass & My Sunday Best