Firecracker Thoughts in My Sunday Best

Today's My Sunday Best post doesn't address my theological thoughts - those were discussed on IG and FB. Instead, today's post is all about a realization I've had about my daughter - and, shares some delightful (in my opinion) insight as to what Mass looked like for us this morning!

Take the Kids, too – in Your Sunday Best!

"As difficult as it is leading up to the moment, I am there for the Consecration and the Eucharist." An epiphany I had on Easter Sunday, as I realized the readings and the homily are the frosting on the cake of Mass attendance. And, in my current state of life (with littles), if I can't pay attention to everything going on in church... that's okay. It's just important we are there!

Rocking My Sunday Best While Kids Test their Strength

The smiles from other adults in the parish? Let's me know they have been there, done that, and survived to tell the tales ... and, their children are living good, adult Christian lives.

My Sunday Best Thoughts for A Solemnity Day

Sitting in the back, staring toward the front of the chapel, I wondered - how can we encourage families with small children to sit at the front? I'd love for small children to see the action at the altar, rather than the rears of the adults in front of them! Where do *you* prefer to sit during church?