Ruminating on My Favorite Bible Passage in My Sunday Best!

"Living by the Beatitudes did not set me up to be a victim of circumstances, but it did give me something I did not find in any other area of my life - they gave me hope... Hope in a better future... Hope in a kinder tomorrow... Hope in a gentler world... And, I continue to hold out hope for a better future, a kinder tomorrow, and a gentler world."

My Least Favorite Chore As A Mother (Day 23)

There are a few jobs I absolutely disdain doing around the house.  All too often, I put them off to the last minute, and then I kick myself when my husband steps in to help get the job done. The word for my day: Laundry. As a mother, the stuff is never. ending!  The pile gets … Continue reading My Least Favorite Chore As A Mother (Day 23)

In a Rut (Day 9)

I have been in a rut lately.  Not emotionally, physically, financially, or any other one a person usually thinks of when a person says they are in a rut. Today's word of the day is: Fashion. As of today, I am exactly 9 months postpartum and I have been in a fashion rut for the … Continue reading In a Rut (Day 9)