The Gratitude Project: Week 26

"I have grown in my own personal maturity, recognizing life isn't all about my desires, whether it be for my own bed space, or doing everything I want to do at the expense of the needs of those who count on me. There is an element of sacrifice that comes with parenting, and through this simple lesson, I have watched how I have responded to the small sacrifice, and embraced it, for the betterment of my children. And, while it is the smallest example, I can extend this one to the ultimate example of love and self-sacrifice I see in the Father for His own children." Want to know what spurred these deeper thoughts? Then read this past week's Gratitude Project post, up and available now! What were you most grateful for last week?

My Advice to New Parents

The past two of four nights, I have not slept in my bed.  And, on any of the various the nights I have slept in my bed, my husband and I find ourselves accompanied by little humans, even when they start the evening in their own beds. Experts claim when small humans are on the … Continue reading My Advice to New Parents

I’m No Expert

A few years back, I had a graduate school classmate reference it being an intimidating thought that, if they needed a parenting expert to help them with their child, that they were now considered the professional.  We all shared in a chuckle of solidarity and moved on with our careers, families, and lives.  I proceeded to counsel … Continue reading I’m No Expert