Never Off the Clock

I love my children.  They are the beauty and joy of my day. They are also sometimes the ones that make me want to run away - back to work, or just away in general! Because, let's face it, staying home can be a demanding gig, like any other choice upon which expectations of you … Continue reading Never Off the Clock

Taking the Pulse

Every so often, my husband and I try to take a moment to assess how things are going as a married couple. We figure out what is working, and what we need to work harder at our marriage, because unlike the fairytales, marriage takes time, effort, energy, commitment, and *gasp* work in order to not … Continue reading Taking the Pulse

Beautiful Sounds of Communication

Years ago, I was a housemother in a children's home.  At the time, I noticed many of the teenagers' best discussions with me were when we were in the car, driving around town - boys and girls alike seemed to open up and spill their thoughts on life, what was happening in school and with friends, … Continue reading Beautiful Sounds of Communication