Light & Mercy: One Mom’s Response to the Scandal in the Catholic Church

Today, I am addressing #catholicmetoo and #catholicmom and #catholicparenting thoughts in my recent post - Light & Mercy: One Mom's Response to the Scandal in the Catholic Church

The Healing Nature of Confession: My True Feelings About Confession

"...But, I need to put my pride aside at times. I need to admit I don't have all the answers, and that I need help from someone outside myself. I need to acknowledge there is One greater than I... ...because there is." Today's CWBN topic addresses my true thoughts about Confession!

God’s Love & Mercy

For nine seasons, Americans spent countless hours watching a television show that can be summarized by one phrase: "God loves you."  Toward the end of every episode, from 1994-2003, every week viewers would watch one of the three angels on the series Touched by an Angel remind their viewers that God loves them. Recently, I found myself … Continue reading God’s Love & Mercy

Musings on Contrition

On Monday, I posted an article about a book I was hoping to read soon.  Yesterday, I posted about being sick this past week, which worked out perfectly because not only was I able to read some of the book I was excited to read, I was able to read the entire book before that post … Continue reading Musings on Contrition

Confession and God’s Mercy

I recently went to the Sacrament of Reconciliation (aka Confession), accompanied by my two shadows.  I was so grateful when M decided to speak quietly while we were in the Church, and even happier when he played quietly while we were in the Confessional. As we prepared to head in to the Confessional, I was … Continue reading Confession and God’s Mercy