Making My Way Home: Why I Love My Catholic Faith

The God-incidence that today's CWBN Blog Hop topic fell two days after the Feast of Corpus Christi was not overlooked by yours truly. "Why I Love My Catholic Faith," explores the main reason I choose to be a Catholic Christian, than any other denomination available - and, why I attend Mass every Holy Day of Obligation.

9 Ways I Chase Holiness in Daily Life: Different Ways to Pray

How's a mom to pray? Well, I identify 9 ways I find time to chase holiness by praying... and, acknowledge I still have work to do in regard to listening to God, and expressing gratitude.

Faith, Hope, & Divine Mercy

CWBN topic this month is "How my faith helps me worry less." At that moment, I knew I needed to share my favorite prayer (all 5 words), and the devotion coming up the first Sunday after Easter EVERY year - which happens to be this Sunday!

The Woman Behind the Blog: Why I Blog

"I blog because I know somewhere, in this vast world, someone needs to hear my words. Someone needs to hear the challenges I face, and how I tackle them. Someone needs to hear the words of affirmation. Someone needs to hear my musings on faith, religion, and how it applies to my daily living." If you wonder about why I blog, today's CWBN post gives some insight!