Who Would He Say I Am… in My Sunday Best?

While Peter is asked one question in today's Gospel reading, I began asking myself an altogether separate question. Which has led to more introspection on my part. Join me as I ponder a deep question today!

Quietest Family Mass in My Sunday Best

The kids were the kind of quiet that makes me wonder if this is the calm before the storm? But, either way, it was a successful, quiet Mass, and for that I am thankful. Also, wise words from our chaplain, which is bound to make you think as you go about your week ahead!

Hope for My Children

Most parents I know have certain expectations for their children's lives - they have hopes, dreams, and goals for their children.  Some of these goals are educational, some financial, some familial. The other night, as I tucked my son into bed, we shared the following conversation: M:  Mommy, only boys can be daddies, right? Me: … Continue reading Hope for My Children