Gifts to the Manger: Finding and Embracing Our Gifts

"On today's Feast of Epiphany, I encourage you, dear reader, to join me in writing down three gifts - three talents - you have been given, which can be used for the Glory of God. Place that list prominently, and use it to guide you in creating your resolutions for 2019." Tackling a deeper meaning and reminder behind today's Feast of Epiphany and my favorite Christmas carol! What are your gifts?

Unexpected Work Leads to Introspection (Day 2)

The more I considered the Write 31 Days challenge, the more I realized my theme can't be narrowed down to one word.  Trying to choose a category under which to file this during the challenge was excruciatingly difficult, since I write about "Faith & Inspiration," but also "Family Life." As I struggled to narrow down my … Continue reading Unexpected Work Leads to Introspection (Day 2)

Divine Mercy Epiphany

I didn't do traditional "church things," on Good Friday this year.  Instead, Good Friday seemed to follow my entire Lenten journey for the year - it was lackluster. I failed to remember our chapel was holding a noon service on Good Friday, so instead of taking my squirmy preschooler and strapping the baby to me … Continue reading Divine Mercy Epiphany