Bold, Brave, Catholic: “Start with Jesus” Book Review

For the conclusion of the "Bold, Brave, Catholic" series, I feature a review of a book designed to assist readers in living as "Bold, Brave, Catholic" in their daily lives. How will you live your faith in a bold and brave manner for 2020?

Bold, Brave, Catholic: Embracing the Faith

"...Amy describes herself as a convert to Catholicism, who had, "Grown up believing that Catholicism was some small, crazy cult and that Catholics were bad people. Mind you, I never looked into the matter, I just believed what others had told me. Then I went and fell in love with a cradle Catholic and in his patient, calm, rational way, he showed me the truth of Catholicism..." This month's Bold, Brave, Catholic feature is a blogger and speaker I have long admired. Read more about Amy's testimony in this month's column!

Our Lady of Good Help

On 8 December 2010, Champion, Wisconsin became the home of the first approved Marian apparition site in the United States.  The bishop of the area decreed with, "moral certainty," that the Blessed Virgin had, indeed, appeared thrice to a young Belgium immigrant woman by the name of Marie Adele Joseph Brise in October 1859.  According … Continue reading Our Lady of Good Help