A Faith Example in the Midst of Grief

Are you familiar with Our Lady of Sorrows? If not, I think everyone should be - especially mothers! Our Lady of Sorrows is a devotion to the seven sorrows of Jesus' mom, Mary.  During her life, she experienced seven instances of intense sorrow: the prophesy of Simeon, the escape and flight into Egypt, the loss of the … Continue reading A Faith Example in the Midst of Grief

Hope for My Children

Most parents I know have certain expectations for their children's lives - they have hopes, dreams, and goals for their children.  Some of these goals are educational, some financial, some familial. The other night, as I tucked my son into bed, we shared the following conversation: M:  Mommy, only boys can be daddies, right? Me: … Continue reading Hope for My Children

Four Letter Words (Day 4)

One Lent, I decided to give up cursing.  Every time I cursed, I would owe money in a jar - the first week, it was a nickel per curse word, the second week, a dime, the third week a quarter, etc.  My husband commented on the heftiness of our donation year. Yesterday, I wrote about my children … Continue reading Four Letter Words (Day 4)