Bold, Brave, Catholic: “Start with Jesus” Book Review

For the conclusion of the "Bold, Brave, Catholic" series, I feature a review of a book designed to assist readers in living as "Bold, Brave, Catholic" in their daily lives. How will you live your faith in a bold and brave manner for 2020?

What the Catholic Church has to Offer Me: The Sacraments

"In a nutshell, the Catholic Church offers sanctifying grace through the outward signs given to Her (the Church) by Christ Himself... but, that's a cliche answer... So, here with what all the theological underpinnings mean for me - the woman behind the words..." Linking up for Allison's series "What Does the Catholic Church Really Have to Offer Me?"

Bold, Brave, Catholic: A Call to Action

"Through the 'Bold, Brave, Catholic' series, it is my hope that the words others write will assist someone else on their journey of faith."

Based on a whisper in my heart, and a moment in which I was led to stand up for my Catholic Faith, I am creating a new series - and, spearheading a movement to "Be bold. Be brave. Be Catholic." Will you join this movement?

Making My Way Home: Why I Love My Catholic Faith

The God-incidence that today's CWBN Blog Hop topic fell two days after the Feast of Corpus Christi was not overlooked by yours truly. "Why I Love My Catholic Faith," explores the main reason I choose to be a Catholic Christian, than any other denomination available - and, why I attend Mass every Holy Day of Obligation.

Grace of Faith (Day 19)

Today's word of the day was going to be faith.  As days pass, the more I realize just how heavily I rely on my faith.  My faith sustains me - it keeps my anxiety at bay, allows me to focus on the present and my vocation as a wife and mother, and it gives me hope … Continue reading Grace of Faith (Day 19)