Holiday Party Food in the South: A “Recipe”

Looking for a side-dish that starts out by looking like "fresh Christmas in a bowl"? Want a colder dish, since you live in a climate not conducive to hot sides? Or, want something to store away for the summer months or next great gathering? Don't miss the links to the recipe I recently made (and recommend)!

The Gratitude Project: Week Fourteen

"It is a moment for which I am most grateful. It served as a reminder that there are times where the weight of life lifts, and the beauty appears on the horizon." This week's Gratitude Project wasn't quite a tangible "thing," as opposed to a heart-moment... a tangible moment, which made me take pause to enjoy the beauty. What are you most grateful for this week?

The Gratitude Project: Week Three

This week's The Gratitude Project identifies one thing which is seemingly minor and insignificant, but plays a huge (positive) impact on our family's functioning! Don't miss it... and, don't forget to let me know in the comments - for what are you most grateful this week?

A St. Patrick’s Day Book Review in My Sunday Best

Last Sunday was a doozy. This week, although we still had a screecher in our pew and a reticent preschooler in tow, Mass attendance was a little more successful, and slightly more enlightening. Let's jump in to My Sunday Best shall we? First off, the night before Ash Wednesday, I threw in one new concept for … Continue reading A St. Patrick’s Day Book Review in My Sunday Best

Remembering My Primary Vocation

"...We must go out and spread the Gospel and the light of Christ with the world. We can't just hide the light under a bushel, and fool ourselves into thinking that suffices for our Christian obligation ... The more I thought about the message, one question kept nagging at me - with the emphasis on "doing unto others," so strong, how many of us are taking a moment to recognize what we are doing to those closest to us?" The thoughts nagging at me from this past weekend's homily lead me to reflect on my primary vocation as wife, and how I need to be the light of Christ not just to those outside my home, but also extend that light to those closest to me - particularly in my vocation as wife.