Firecracker Thoughts in My Sunday Best

Today's My Sunday Best post doesn't address my theological thoughts - those were discussed on IG and FB. Instead, today's post is all about a realization I've had about my daughter - and, shares some delightful (in my opinion) insight as to what Mass looked like for us this morning!

Celebrating Motherhood in My Sunday Best

Today's My Sunday Best post is dedicated to all mothers - physical and spiritual. It is also dedicated to Mary, the Mother of God. But, there are several other thoughts mixed in regarding sainthood, parenting, and examples of love of Mary.

Doubting Thomas in My Sunday Best

In today's My Sunday Best post, I'm able to draw Divine Mercy Sunday in to the Gospel reading of Doubting Thomas. Such an amazing reminder of Christ's Divine Mercy, and some thought-provoking questions as to how to proceed in the days ahead!

A St. Patrick’s Day Book Review in My Sunday Best

Last Sunday was a doozy. This week, although we still had a screecher in our pew and a reticent preschooler in tow, Mass attendance was a little more successful, and slightly more enlightening. Let's jump in to My Sunday Best shall we? First off, the night before Ash Wednesday, I threw in one new concept for … Continue reading A St. Patrick’s Day Book Review in My Sunday Best

Giving Credit to the Proper Source in My Saturday Best

Experiencing an epiphany during a Confirmation ceremony in our Catholic community - pretty sure I experienced it because I had no distractions of shoe-throwing, potty breaks, or screeching! Either way, I have decided to try to be more intentional in giving credit to the One whom deserves it the most - God. Because, with Him, all things are possible.