My Sunday Best Leads to a Lesson at the End of the Day

A family affair of pizza making led to an evening of fun, and a lesson in accepting myself as my children see me, instead of the version of myself I might happen to see in the mirror.

Ruminating on My Favorite Bible Passage in My Sunday Best!

"Living by the Beatitudes did not set me up to be a victim of circumstances, but it did give me something I did not find in any other area of my life - they gave me hope... Hope in a better future... Hope in a kinder tomorrow... Hope in a gentler world... And, I continue to hold out hope for a better future, a kinder tomorrow, and a gentler world."

Self-Care & My Sunday Best

"And, let me tell you - the weight I have experienced the past few months, both literally and figuratively, seemed to melt away." How a simple hair cut can lift one's mood, and My Sunday Best post.

Thoughts in My Sunday Best: Motherhood is Not Individualistic

"Motherhood is all about dying to self... Through motherhood, I have learned to be less individualistic... While motherhood is permanent, the struggles themselves are not." Powerful thoughts from a great homily, and a link up to "My Sunday Best."

Rocking My Sunday Best While Kids Test their Strength

The smiles from other adults in the parish? Let's me know they have been there, done that, and survived to tell the tales ... and, their children are living good, adult Christian lives.