#WorthRevisit: Let Us Do Better … Together

Can we please begin the healing our divided country so desperately needs? For the sake of our children, is it too much to ask?

Keeping Christ at the Center

My children will observe my approach to the holiday season, and will learn accordingly. Using Advent as a stepping stone to prepare our hearts and homes for Christmas has been integral in keeping Christ at the center.

Let Us Do Better … Together

The election is finally over! As is usual with all our American presidential races, that means one political side won the election, and the other lost. There may be wailing and gnashing of teeth on one side, and lighthearted, celebratory gloating on the other side. I don’t know the response exactly, because I don’t have … Continue reading Let Us Do Better … Together

Little Moments of Joy

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - parenting is hard work!   Then again, life-ing is hard work.  When you think you've got something down, a curve ball gets thrown in your direction, and you have to adjust your swing.   Some people adjust to change seamlessly.  Others, like myself, need a … Continue reading Little Moments of Joy