Holiday Party Food in the South: A “Recipe”

Looking for a side-dish that starts out by looking like "fresh Christmas in a bowl"? Want a colder dish, since you live in a climate not conducive to hot sides? Or, want something to store away for the summer months or next great gathering? Don't miss the links to the recipe I recently made (and recommend)!

A Little Fun (& Easy) Breakfast Recipe

Working through a little inspiration deprivation, so I decided to use some pictures from last month, and present my favorite breakfast recipe. I'm sure plenty of people already do a variation of this, but it got some writing juices flowing!

Avocado Pasta

I typically don't write about food.  While I am a foodie, I don't like to make blog posts about what I am eating, or what I am trying.  However, this is the exception to my usual posts. My plan was to find a recipe that incorporated avocado, as my husband merely thinks of avocado and gags. … Continue reading Avocado Pasta