Gifts to the Manger: Finding and Embracing Our Gifts

"On today's Feast of Epiphany, I encourage you, dear reader, to join me in writing down three gifts - three talents - you have been given, which can be used for the Glory of God. Place that list prominently, and use it to guide you in creating your resolutions for 2019." Tackling a deeper meaning and reminder behind today's Feast of Epiphany and my favorite Christmas carol! What are your gifts?

Things I Like About Me

This week's theme on the blog is "Affirmations" - Sunday was about motherhood. Today is all about myself as an individual - with my own thoughts, feelings, and emotions! I'd love to hear from you - what do *you* like about *you*?

Top Three Picks: My Favorite Advent & Christmas Gift Ideas

My Top Three gift ideas for the season include a book and two separate nativities (1 for families with small children, and 1 for adults)! What are your favorite ideas?

The Art of Giving Thanks

Growing up, I bristled every time I had to write a thank you note.  While I was deeply grateful for receiving gifts, I didn't enjoy writing a thank you note that was sent to the giver.  Instead, I preferred to call someone and thank them, or spend some time visiting with them, thanking them face … Continue reading The Art of Giving Thanks