#WorthRevisit: Murky Waters of Friendship

"However, when you realize that your friendships “for a season” are over, it makes it more difficult to just “unfriend” them on social media without hurting the other person’s feelings, even when it isn’t about any personal decision, but rather about you recognizing the friendship’s season has run its course." The past few months have seen a resurgence of this internal struggle.

Getting to Know Us (1): A Reason for Quiet

"How can someone, who doesn't feel God's presence, become a saint?! Quite simply, because they kept their faith and trust in Him. They continued to live a life according to love, trust, and goodness." When quietness is what we receive from God, perhaps we need to take a play from the saints' spiritual play book, and not interpret it as abandonment, but rather a spiritual exercise...

Sobering Thoughts for Halloween

Tonight is the eve of All Saints' Day, which is a Holy Day of Obligation for Catholics.  That means, if you are Catholic, you will be attending a vigil Mass tonight, or a Mass sometime tomorrow.  If you don't attend Mass, and don't have a pretty darned good reason, then you may want to head … Continue reading Sobering Thoughts for Halloween