Sending Off 2017 in My Sunday Best

"I thought the entire conversation was loud, and expected others around us to chuckle with me. Apparently, I was the only one who heard the exchange - so, other parents out there cringing at your kids' shenanigans, let me assure you - your child was not as loud/disruptive/kid-like as you think they were!" In the first My Sunday Best linkup since I started wearing maternity clothes, I share a cute Mass-moment with Lil' Miss, a little musings on what to wear to church, and links to the top 10 posts from 2017. How are you ringing in the New Year this evening?

Warming the Heart: A Review of Pawprints in the Snow

"My son's review is, 'Yes, everyone should buy it for their kids, because it would be fun for their kids!' Knowing this book attracted my youngest, as well as continued to engage my oldest, makes this particular book a keeper for our household bookshelves. Even as an adult, not only did I learn a few new facts about animals, but I also enjoyed reading this aloud the half dozen (cough, or dozen) times it has been read!" A last minute gift idea, if you are looking for an engaging book for under the tree this Christmas for a little one in the home!

The Sandal Game in My Sunday Best

What is the Sandal Game, you ask? Well, you'll just have to read to find out. And, while you're reading that much, stay to read the rest of our (positive) Mass experience today!

Kids Say the Darnedest Things!

This past week, my husband and I were having a conversation when we were interrupted by our three year old's non-sequitur statement that, "E is not a human."  When asked what his little sister was, if she weren't human, he pragmatically replied, "She's a baby!" That conversation, and various others like it, leave me chuckling … Continue reading Kids Say the Darnedest Things!

Month of the Military Child

We all have different ideas that consist of the qualities we use to identify a "hero," in our lives.  For many in society, their heroes are sports figures, politicians, religious figures, or other people that wind up in the news and are locally, nationally, or internationally recognizable. I am always on the lookout for, "unsung," … Continue reading Month of the Military Child