Advent Parenting Success

"Intentional Parenting" may not see me completing a Jesse Tree this year, but at least it's facilitating lifelong lessons for my impressionable children.

Baking & Parenting Lessons Learned

I have identified one calming mechanism I typically utilize - I love to bake.  I find myself calming from life stressors during the process and even as I am cleaning up the mess I have made.  My kitchen actually usually never looks cleaner than when I am finishing up baking. Recently, I was getting to the … Continue reading Baking & Parenting Lessons Learned

Not Missing My Watches

Time. Everybody wants it; nobody has it. Even with flexibility to plan my schedule, I often feel as though I have no time - no time to blog, no time to read, no time to clean, no time to pray.  However, that feeling of having little time is one based on very little fact.  The truth … Continue reading Not Missing My Watches

Resurrection Roll Success

This year, I completely forgot that I wanted to try the Passion lunch with my preschooler.  If you would like a fantastic summary and "how-to," guide from Catholic Icing, you can find it here. However, I made it a point that we would make Resurrection Rolls.  This is a relatively new tradition for our family.  I … Continue reading Resurrection Roll Success