#WorthRevisit: Ashes, Ashes…

We all know the kid's nursery rhyme, "Ashes, Ashes..." But, did you ever stop to think the words could convey a deeper meaning? I explore the deeper meaning I found in the phrase "...all fall down..." during this week's #WorthRevisit

Confessions of a Perfectionist In Recovery: 5 Steps to Tackling My Anxiety

"My perfectionism is merely a symptom of the underlying cause of anxiety." 5 steps that help this perfectionist-in-recovery tackle her anxiety, and 3 things I credit with successfully keeping the anxiety in check. (Handy printable included)

My Sunday Best Leads to a Lesson at the End of the Day

A family affair of pizza making led to an evening of fun, and a lesson in accepting myself as my children see me, instead of the version of myself I might happen to see in the mirror.

I Am Also a Feminist

"If my beliefs stand at odds with current societal values, then that is a struggle I will accept. All I ask is for those who may disagree with me to be respectful in their dialogue, their view of who I am as a woman, and refrain from condemning me as someone unintelligent and anti-feminist. Those accusations are hurtful, when I am supporting the rights of those I view as humans, regardless of legal definitions. I believe in the concept of the preservation of life, and despite disagreeing with those who insist my views are not indicative of feminism, I will love them." An explanation on how I consider myself to be both a feminist and a person supporting pro-life causes.