Parallels Between A Saint & A Husband

"I can't help but wonder if these similarities I see between St. Joseph and my husband are a subtle call to reflect on the greater life of a saint, whose purpose was to care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of Our Savior. I can't help but wonder if these similarities I am recognizing are also not a subtle call to reflect on the greater contribution my husband plays in our marriage - the role he plays, and the way in which he answers the call to love me, as Christ loved His Church." The Feast of St. Joseph last week sparked this thought on my vocation of marriage.

Remembering the Marriage

You and your spouse are beautifully, wonderfully, fearfully made - and, you are both made in the image and likeness of God. Your marriage deserves to know every aspect of your journey as a couple. Take some time to reflect on your marriage - and, let your spouse know how much they mean to you.

Friendship & Marriage

In the thick of things, it's easy to overlook the foundation of our families. Yet, it's in the little moments where we must nurture the friendship which underlies a healthy marriage, which will lead us to the most beautiful treasure in the world...

Pride & the Impact on Marriages

"When couples break down, the family unit withers and dies. Living within a vocation, we must remain vigilant. As couples, we must strive to remember the end goal of our state of living - to become saints in heaven." More thoughts on the vocation of marriage, how pride seeps in, trying to destroy the vocation, and a prayer to keep in mind for difficult times.

Remembering My Primary Vocation

"...We must go out and spread the Gospel and the light of Christ with the world. We can't just hide the light under a bushel, and fool ourselves into thinking that suffices for our Christian obligation ... The more I thought about the message, one question kept nagging at me - with the emphasis on "doing unto others," so strong, how many of us are taking a moment to recognize what we are doing to those closest to us?" The thoughts nagging at me from this past weekend's homily lead me to reflect on my primary vocation as wife, and how I need to be the light of Christ not just to those outside my home, but also extend that light to those closest to me - particularly in my vocation as wife.