The Journey Toward Sanctification

"So, while I stink at marriage today, and I don't necessarily like the image of myself as a wife in the mirror on a daily basis, I choose every day to be more intentional. I choose to be more mindful of the ways I can achieve sanctification through this vocation." Thoughts on the way my vocation of marriage can lead to sanctification.

Vocation Versus Avocation

"It is so tempting to begin viewing marriage being about my children, rather than my children being about my marriage. But, I should be asking myself how my motherhood enhances my vocation as a wife." Peeling back the onion layers of the vocation of marriage, during the month of February.

JEI: Romance Edition!

Have you ever been asked the question of how you met your spouse, or knew he/she was "the one"? Ever answered the question of "what is my ideal date"? Ever try to figure out which couple you are from literature, television, or the movies? Today's JEI: Romance Edition answers those exact questions!