My Sunday Best Thoughts for A Solemnity Day

Sitting in the back, staring toward the front of the chapel, I wondered - how can we encourage families with small children to sit at the front? I'd love for small children to see the action at the altar, rather than the rears of the adults in front of them! Where do *you* prefer to sit during church?

#WorthRevisit: Mary, Were You Scared?

In tackling a #WorthRevisit post, four days prior to Christmas, I realized - thinking Mary might have been slightly nervous makes her more real to me. It allows me to see her as a human; she was the most important tool God could use to send His Son to earth, but she was fully human, too.

Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Mary's yes made all things possible! As such, Jesus needed a perfect vessel through which to enter this world. God needed a perfect woman, a perfect willingness in the mother, and a perfect example for us to emulate! She *chose* to be the perfect person for the job...

Why I Should Care About the Assumption of Mary

Mary's Assumption is testament to the belief in God's promise that someday, we will have a body reunited with its soul.

Jesus Was A Threenager, Too!

This past Mothers' Day, I was sitting in church, finishing the hymn we'd sung while having children adorn the statue of Mary with her fresh flower crown.  I was also simultaneously corralling a squirly, squirmy threenager, who had, on the way into church, been informed by his dad the threenager forfeited all television and iPad … Continue reading Jesus Was A Threenager, Too!