Take the Kids, too – in Your Sunday Best!

"As difficult as it is leading up to the moment, I am there for the Consecration and the Eucharist." An epiphany I had on Easter Sunday, as I realized the readings and the homily are the frosting on the cake of Mass attendance. And, in my current state of life (with littles), if I can't pay attention to everything going on in church... that's okay. It's just important we are there!

Catching Flying Objects in My Sunday Best

"Much like the Prodigal Son (I know, not the Gospel reading today), we are given one last chance to turn to Our Father and beg His mercy on the sins we may have committed in our lifetime. And, I love the thought that I will get one. last. chance." I successfully got one faith-filled thought out of today, in between catching tossed objects, and stopping objects from being tossed!