Not My Anne – but Much More Vibrant: A Defense of “Anne with an E” on Netflix

Seen through the view of a child who is a victim of abuse and neglect, the "Anne with an E" series on Netflix provides us with a more well-rounded view of who Anne Shirley was... and, how she can be found in so many children today, if we are able to be their "Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert's." Read more for an insight into why I think all adults should view this series!

Blessed with Three

"I feel a pull to recognize I have truly been blessed - with not just the standard two grandmothers, but including my paternal grandmother, with three beautiful, strong role models who have assumed the mantle of love and the title of Grandma." How a prayer session made me recognize my irrational approach to the relationship with my grandfather's second wife, and a hope I am able to express my love for my second grandmother in a meaningful manner.

Getting to Know Us (1A): Quiet of the Seasons

"And, with that step back, I feel as though I found some clarity I was lacking the previous couple years. I found reflection on myself coming easier - I have been able to reflect on the person I am, the person I have been, and more importantly, the person I want to be as a wife, mother, and individual. Perhaps most importantly, I feel as though I have found much needed peace and quiet - in my soul." My thoughts on The Zelie Group's theme of "Quiet," as it relates to seasons.

Engaging All the Senses for a Lasting Effect (Day 17)

Growing up, we are shaped and molded by our interaction with family, friends, and peers.  We become the adults we do because of our experiences, beginning from infancy.  Perhaps the most subconscious retention of experiences can be found through our senses - I have read somewhere the sense of smell contains the most powerful memory, … Continue reading Engaging All the Senses for a Lasting Effect (Day 17)

My Help to Create Memories, Connection, and Community (Day 13)

After the love of God, love for my husband, and love for my children, I am pretty sure I have a front-runner for the extra love I possess.  This love of mine energizes me, makes life problems seem trivial, and excites me.  It's also highly addictive. The word for today: Coffee. Seriously - how can I … Continue reading My Help to Create Memories, Connection, and Community (Day 13)