A Beautiful Camouflage Update & Contest Opportunity!

While sitting in the military temporary lodging facility, I was contacted with information regarding a contest. Click to read further - both an update about my blog, and information regarding this pretty cool contest! (This is not a sponsored ad in any sense of the word. Just a cool contest!)

Military Life as We Know It

A government shutdown may not impact your family, but for my family, and millions of others like mine, the impact can be felt immediately. Please read this lengthy post - and, please remember on election days that Congress' actions have real-life impact almost immediately.

I Am No Expert: One Blogger’s Parenting Philosophy

Have you ever been asked for your parenting philosophy? After a weekend of identifying mine, I was able to outline 10 principles. What is *your* parenting philosophy?

Military Family “Special Jobs”

"I typically don't write about my family's military lifestyle, simply because it's hard for me to find a difference between our lifestyle and the civilian lifestyle. My perspective on life is shaded by the military, but I don't know what civilian life is really like, so I don't know how the life our family leads is too different from other families' lifestyles." Yet, a recent conversation made me realize we do have some differences in our lifestyles.

JEI 4: All About Religious Education

This week's JEI tackles Religious Education - are my children enrolled, do I teach (or have I ever taught) RE, what are my favorite RE resources for kids? The Archdiocese for the Military Services plays a huge role in my RE decisions for my family!