Earning My Title (Day 7)

Today is the Feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary.  As I was writing the article earlier today, I kept recalling a meme that occasionally makes its rounds on Facebook. In honor of today's feast day, today's word is: Mom. "Mom, mom, mom, mommy, mama, mommeee!"  That is a fantastic summarization of a word many … Continue reading Earning My Title (Day 7)

In Honor of World Breastfeeding Awareness Week

I began drafting this post a couple days ago, long before the sun had risen in the sky.  I was sitting in the baby's room, gently rocking her in the glider, as I have done daily since our move.  While she is a stellar sleeper, she usually wakes up once a night to eat, before … Continue reading In Honor of World Breastfeeding Awareness Week

Mama Needed a Time Out

In the house I grew up in, tattling was not allowed or tolerated.  But, I am going to tattle on myself. Yesterday, Mama needed a time out.  Badly. So, Mama took a much needed time out.  I sentenced myself to five minutes on the front porch, during a major rain/thunder/lightening storm, with my daily cup … Continue reading Mama Needed a Time Out