The Gratitude Project: Week Five

Have you ever shopped with Chase the Police Pup? If not, I highly recommend it! This week, I share insight into my Gratitude Project - acknowledging the "days are long, but the years are short."

Confessions of a Perfectionist In Recovery: 5 Steps to Tackling My Anxiety

"My perfectionism is merely a symptom of the underlying cause of anxiety." 5 steps that help this perfectionist-in-recovery tackle her anxiety, and 3 things I credit with successfully keeping the anxiety in check. (Handy printable included)

#WorthRevisit: Mary, Were You Scared?

In tackling a #WorthRevisit post, four days prior to Christmas, I realized - thinking Mary might have been slightly nervous makes her more real to me. It allows me to see her as a human; she was the most important tool God could use to send His Son to earth, but she was fully human, too.

Life Lessons to Carry On (Day 29)

Today has been a whirlwind of activity.  Since October has flown by, I kind of put the pumpkin patch on the back burner.  Last Sunday, I realized this holiday season is my daughter's round of firsts - first Halloween, first Thanksgiving, first Christmas, and first New Year.  It made me think of a word my … Continue reading Life Lessons to Carry On (Day 29)

Confessions of This Catholic Mommy Blogger

My heart has been heavy for a while now.  Trying to be a Catholic Mommy blogger is not an easy feat, especially when I feel like a poser. Confessions of this Catholic Mommy blogger: ~I don't make my son pray before meals!  I once listened to a segment of "The Catholic Guy, Lino Rulli" on SiriuxXM … Continue reading Confessions of This Catholic Mommy Blogger