Scents, Mother’s Day, & Fatima: Thoughts on Faith

"Once upon a time, I wrote about not praying the Rosary as I should - or, even as I advocate. With the thoughts swirling of scents, of today's feast day, and faith, I am brought back to a desire to pray the Rosary. I want to shower Mary, the Mother of Jesus, with all the roses I am able. As she shines brightly for so many, ultimately she points those of us who believe in Christ back to her Son..." Thoughts on my faith life, spurred by scents and today's Feast of Our Lady of Fatima.

Celebrating Motherhood in My Sunday Best

Today's My Sunday Best post is dedicated to all mothers - physical and spiritual. It is also dedicated to Mary, the Mother of God. But, there are several other thoughts mixed in regarding sainthood, parenting, and examples of love of Mary.

Take the Kids, too – in Your Sunday Best!

"As difficult as it is leading up to the moment, I am there for the Consecration and the Eucharist." An epiphany I had on Easter Sunday, as I realized the readings and the homily are the frosting on the cake of Mass attendance. And, in my current state of life (with littles), if I can't pay attention to everything going on in church... that's okay. It's just important we are there!

Mothers’ Day & Our Lady of Sorrows

Happy Mothers' Day to all the mothers - both physical and spiritual mothers!  To those who may have lost babies before getting to meet them, and to those who have buried their babies (no matter the age), and to those who have not yet been able to conceive, a special Mothers' Day wish is extended. … Continue reading Mothers’ Day & Our Lady of Sorrows

Happy Month of Mary!

"April showers bring May flowers..."  May is traditionally seen as the month where flowers begin to bloom, and spring comes into full-swing.  It's also the month that hosts Mothers' Day throughout the United States. In the Catholic Church, May is also known as the, "Month of Mary."  It is a month devoted to Mary, as … Continue reading Happy Month of Mary!