Challenges with Nineveh 90 Lead to An Unlikely Gift of Clarity

"So, while I feel I have taken some spiritual steps forward during this challenge, I also feel I have taken some spiritual steps backward." Looking forward to rebuilding my personal relationship with the Triune God, after the Nineveh 90 Challenge ends this Saturday.

Coffee Thoughts this Nineveh 90

"As I choke down the bitterness of the coffee, I reflect on my small sacrifice. I reflect on the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross. I reflect on how God's Mercy impacts me every day. I reflect on my faith and relationship with God." How a small sacrifice of creamer in my coffee has helped me grow spiritually during the N90 Challenge.

Prayer Life this Nineveh 90

"Even if you don't feel the emotion, Pray Anyway. Even if you don't have a prayer in mind, or memorized, Pray Anyway. Even if you aren't sitting in a church, Pray Anyway. Invite God into your day, and into your life!" A lesson in prayer through Nineveh 90.