Getting to Know Us (1A): Quiet of the Seasons

"And, with that step back, I feel as though I found some clarity I was lacking the previous couple years. I found reflection on myself coming easier - I have been able to reflect on the person I am, the person I have been, and more importantly, the person I want to be as a wife, mother, and individual. Perhaps most importantly, I feel as though I have found much needed peace and quiet - in my soul." My thoughts on The Zelie Group's theme of "Quiet," as it relates to seasons.

The Heart of My Home (Day 10)

Unlike most bloggers, I don't usually create a schedule for my posts.  Yet, every week, I feel as though my blog posts hit a natural theme, where most posts fit into a weekly thematic category.  This week is no exception. Today's word of the day: Kitchen. In my opinion, the kitchen is the heart of … Continue reading The Heart of My Home (Day 10)

Peace, Mercy, and Love

As the various events of this past week have unfolded, I have found myself at a loss for words.  Trying to make sense of everything happening in this country, I have been struggling to find the words to make sense of these tragedies.  I have been grateful that my son is too young to spend … Continue reading Peace, Mercy, and Love