Pride & the Impact on Marriages

"When couples break down, the family unit withers and dies. Living within a vocation, we must remain vigilant. As couples, we must strive to remember the end goal of our state of living - to become saints in heaven." More thoughts on the vocation of marriage, how pride seeps in, trying to destroy the vocation, and a prayer to keep in mind for difficult times.

#WorthRevisit: Murky Waters of Friendship

"However, when you realize that your friendships “for a season” are over, it makes it more difficult to just “unfriend” them on social media without hurting the other person’s feelings, even when it isn’t about any personal decision, but rather about you recognizing the friendship’s season has run its course." The past few months have seen a resurgence of this internal struggle.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

"Baby girl, keep on singing. Keep on dancing. Keep that light of love, happiness, and joy radiating from you. Keep your innocence, your carefree nature, and your inquisitiveness. Keep the wonder and awe you express in everything you do, and keep the sensitive nature toward yourself and others." Our Baby Girl turns one this month - time flies while she takes this world by storm!

No Prayer is Wasted

"No prayer is wasted." That teaching kept coming back to me as I drafted this post on today's Feast of All Souls.  Yesterday, the Catholic Church celebrated the Feast of All Saints, and hot on its heels is today's celebration - celebrating those whose souls are in Purgatory. One of the biblical justifications of Purgatory can … Continue reading No Prayer is Wasted

Promises Made in Faith (Day 20)

In addition to my prayer life being important to my faith, so, too is the practice of my religion.  As a mother, I have been blessed to be trusted to raise and rear my children - God has given me an awesome and simultaneously daunting task of rearing children who will hopefully grow to love Him and trust … Continue reading Promises Made in Faith (Day 20)