Engaging All the Senses for a Lasting Effect (Day 17)

Growing up, we are shaped and molded by our interaction with family, friends, and peers.  We become the adults we do because of our experiences, beginning from infancy.  Perhaps the most subconscious retention of experiences can be found through our senses - I have read somewhere the sense of smell contains the most powerful memory, … Continue reading Engaging All the Senses for a Lasting Effect (Day 17)

Icing on My Cake

Every month I set a blog-related goal.  This month, I had the fancy goal of getting back to my pre-move level of writing, publishing a new post every day Monday through Friday.  I started the month off on the right foot, had done a solid week leading into the month, and started brainstorming topics I wanted to … Continue reading Icing on My Cake

Flexibility in Tradition

For our family, the first week in a new home features a day where I traditionally make chocolate chip cheesecake cupcakes.  I am a traditionalist, and I enjoy, and look forward to, my tradition of the first chocolate chip cheesecake cupcakes every time we move. This year, I didn't quite make the cupcakes for the … Continue reading Flexibility in Tradition

Missing Time with God

My husband recently described this PCS perfectly when he explained to a friend, "this move has been a comedy of errors."  Again, echoing sentiments of a previous post about this move, whatever can go wrong, has gone wrong.  That said, by looking at it in light of a comedy, I have been able to easily roll … Continue reading Missing Time with God

Looking Ahead to Another Move

Our family is getting ready to move... again!  Those that know me understand how absolutely thrilled and excited I am to be leaving our current location, and head out on a completely new adventure.  Some military families are able to stay in one location for long periods of time.  I should clarify - by "long," … Continue reading Looking Ahead to Another Move