A Little Mass Success in My Sunday Best

Today's My Sunday Best post showcases what I wore for Mass, what my daughter wore on her feet for Mass, and highlights some of the battles I will (and will not) engage in, in order to attend Mass productively.

Firecracker Thoughts in My Sunday Best

Today's My Sunday Best post doesn't address my theological thoughts - those were discussed on IG and FB. Instead, today's post is all about a realization I've had about my daughter - and, shares some delightful (in my opinion) insight as to what Mass looked like for us this morning!

Military Family “Special Jobs”

"I typically don't write about my family's military lifestyle, simply because it's hard for me to find a difference between our lifestyle and the civilian lifestyle. My perspective on life is shaded by the military, but I don't know what civilian life is really like, so I don't know how the life our family leads is too different from other families' lifestyles." Yet, a recent conversation made me realize we do have some differences in our lifestyles.

Advent Parenting Success

"Intentional Parenting" may not see me completing a Jesse Tree this year, but at least it's facilitating lifelong lessons for my impressionable children.