Holocaust Remembrance Day

"Even now, this blog post is the most difficult one I have tried to write. As a historian, I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment attributed to Edmund Burke, 'Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.'” One year later, these sentiments still ring true, and I can think of no further words to express the day we know as Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Thoughts on Yes – in My Sunday Best

This weekend - between yesterday's Feast of the Annunciation, and today's homily addressing Jesus' role in our lives, I spend some time contemplating the yes I give God in my daily life, and the manner with which I give my yes. My weekly link-up with My Sunday Best!

My Sunday Best Leads to a Lesson at the End of the Day

A family affair of pizza making led to an evening of fun, and a lesson in accepting myself as my children see me, instead of the version of myself I might happen to see in the mirror.

Reflection in the Mirrors (Day 3)

When I told my husband the idea for the writing challenge, he asked me, "How are you going to come up with a topic a day?  Will you just look at yourself as you get ready in the morning, see yourself in the mirror, and say, 'I think I'll write about a mirror today'?" Little … Continue reading Reflection in the Mirrors (Day 3)

Holocaust Remembrance Day

I have always had an intense connection with the study of the Holocaust.  The study of the Holocaust for me began in middle school, and is a major reason why I chose to pursue a history degree.  Further study in the area stalled when I realized just how proficient I would have to become in at … Continue reading Holocaust Remembrance Day